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Welcome to JLP Group, Inc.

JLP Group, Inc. offers top-quality financial products and services. We provide a wide array of services, which means you can choose the best combination of products and services for your specific business and needs. Our company considers all credit situations and offer personalized service. We have over 20 years of experience and expertise in the financial industry, and loyal & happy client base.

JLP Group is a customer-centric organization. We won’t rest until we are 100 % satisfied. Our company can help you realize the financial goals you have set for your business by providing you with the right financial tool for your project. We have been constantly exceeding our customer expectations as we care and build relationships with them and are attentive towards their needs. While others in this business mostly have automated processes, JLP has a human touch. We talk to our customers directly which allows customization in our approach and have a wide range of financial tools.

JLP Group has expertise in several markets some of which are:

    Industrial Equipment




    Gas Stations

    Convenient Stores


Call us or write to us for any queries and assistance

Our target customers are business owners seeking financial help. We have a wide range of financial tools and are here to help you and your business. Call us or write to us for any queries and assistance.